BBU Online Employee Benefits Site

Employees of Bimbo Bakeries USA have online access to their employee benefit information at the company benefits site  The site is a starting point for employees to access and learn more about their health insurance plan, 401k plan, and wellness plan.  There are three individual links on the site that will direct you to your desired benefit plan website.  Each of these sites requires employees to know their User ID and password in order to gain access to their individual plan information.

For employees who are new to the company or new to using the online services you will need to follow the instructions on how to register under first time users.  Each site will need to confirm your identity before you are allowed to access your account online.  They will ask basic personal questions such as your date of birth and last few digits of your social security number to accurately sync your account for online use.

For employees who are not familiar with using the online benefits site it is a way for you to have total control over your own benefit plan.  You can make certain necessary changes whenever you need to at any time.  If you also need to review your plan details you can login to your account and view your information through any internet capable device.  The online services website is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To get an idea of how useful the BBU Benefits site is below are a few changes that you can make online with your employee benefits:

Health Plan:  enroll for benefits, change your family status, change beneficiary

401k Plan:  check your balance, change your contribution rate, request a loan, change beneficiary

StayWell Health Management:  get assigned a health coach, utilize resources for health condition

There are other features that you will find helpful in any of the health benefit sites.  If you haven’t registered online yet do so today.


3 Replies to “BBU Online Employee Benefits Site”

  1. All I want to do is get logged in and set up an appointment . I called and got a password and stated I didn’t NO my user id , all I want to do is get in so I can make an appointment for insurance, PLEASE HELP ME

  2. I contacted you a few weeks ago to inform you that I was leaving Bimbo effective 04 02 16. and I wanted to cash in my retirement.
    I was told he would send me a package and as yet have not received anything. He was not very helpful with my questions. I Later tried to go online but was knocked out for some reason. I called benefits again and after a half hour on hold gave up.

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