Best Black Friday WowWee Fingerlings Monkey Deals

One of the hottest selling toys of 2017 that is having a hard time staying on the shelves is the WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey.  You will definitely want to collect all 6 of them and find the the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday WowWee Fingerlings Monkey 2017 deals/sales/ads.  

black friday wowwee fingerlings monkey 2017 sales

The key will be making sure you can purchase them fast enough before they’re sold out.  Many of the online retailers are sold out so you’ll want to look around.  These toys make great Christmas gifts for your little ones.  

Best Black Friday WowWee Fingerlings Monkey 2017 Deals

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WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey Features

The WowWee Fingerlings are the newest toy craze for 2017.  Kids love them and parents find them affordable enough to buy more than 1 for their kids.  They will make great gifts and there’s newer chararacters being released.  

40 Different Reactions

Fingerlings is a robotic interactive toy in the image of a monkey that has over 40 different encoded reactions that responds to touch, sound, and movement.  It fits snuggly around your finger and a touch or any slight movement will cause some sort of reaction from the monkey.  Here’s a few of the reactions you will experience:  Blinking eyes, head turn, monkey babble, sleep, fart, says hello, laughs, snores, etc.

Fingerlings fit around your finger and can be worn or you can hang them by their tails from objects.  On the Fingerlings website there are 6 different monkey characters customers can choose from with their own individual names:  Zoe, Mia, Finn, Boris, Bella, or Sophie.  Each character is identified by their particular color.  

Battery Life

The battery life of Fingerlings depends on how much the toy is used.  In continuous use it will last up to 4 hours or more sporadic use the toy can last days or weeks.  There is an auto-sleep feature that is used for conserving energy when not in play.

Check back regularly for updates on where the Fingerlings Monkey is back in stock and to find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday WowWee Fingerlings Monkey 2017 deals.

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