CloudLounger Inflatable Beach Lounger Review

CloudLounger Portable Air Hammock
CloudLounger Inflatable Air Lounger

On your next outdoors adventure instead of lugging around chairs to sit on consider taking the CloudLounger Inflatable Beach Chair.  The inflatable lounger is a hot product in 2016 that many people think is a convenience when they do any type of outdoors activity.  The inflatable lounger is growing in popularity because it’s very portable, sets up easy, breaks down even easier, and requires a small amount of storage space.

CloudLounger Inflatable Air Lounger Review

Take Anywhere:  The CloudLounger Outdoor Sleeping Bag can be taken anywhere you go including the beach, park, camping trip, any outdoors event, etc.

Setup Takes Seconds:  To inflate the Cloudlounger Portable Air Hammock simply grab the opening of the bag with both hands, wave the bag towards the wind, and seal the bag opening.  To properly seal the bag roll it up a few times then apply the clasps and now you can sit or lounge on the bag.

To Deflate:  Unclip the opening of the bag and from the opposite end begin to roll up the bag and the air will escape.  When you finish rolling up the bag it can be placed inside its carrying bag and toted away.

Weight Capacity:  The lounger has a weight limit of 440 pounds and can sit up to 3 adults (or 4 kids) across the bag or 1 full person lying on the bag.  It will stay inflated for up to 3 hours.

The CloudLounger Air Inflatable Lounger is available for purchasing at for $99.95.  The site offers customers 6 colors (light blue, green, red, dark blue, purple, and black).

Customers can also visit and purchase the similar bags with excellent quality for less than half the price.  Amazon has a bag called Mr. Cloud that has good reviews left by customers.  It has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating.

The biggest issue with inflatable air loungers is finding a quality bag that will last you a long time.  You’ll want a hammock chair lounger that will hold air for hours so you can enjoy sitting on it and it should be made of excellent quality.  The nylon material that makes up the bag should be strong and not easy to tearing or the stitches coming apart.  The CloudLounger Portable Air Hammock is a good quality bag and is worth the money.

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