Employee Sign in to Randstad Workplace Self-Service

Randstad temporary employees who are currently on assignment can utilize the Workplace Self-Service web portal to monitor all of their job related details.  Employees using the system will have access to their pay, benefits, job reporting, updating your availability, etc.  This online service is a more convenient way for employees to manage their hours worked and pay without having to call or visit their local Randstad office.

Instead of having to carry around a temp time sheet employees can now use the self-service site to track all of their working hours.  With the online service employees won’t have to worry about losing their time sheets, forgetting to get it signed, rushing to turn in their time sheet before the deadline, etc.  With the self-service option users have all day access to their job information which can be altered if there are changes that need to be made.

All users of the site will need to have a username and password to access their individual Randstad profile.  If you are new or are a first time user you will need to activate your account by selecting the New User option.  This option will take you to the Randstad Employee Self-Service User Activation screen which you will need to complete.  You will need to know your Employee ID before you get started.  If you are not sure what your Employee ID is please contact your local Randstad office.

Visit:  Randstad Self-Service

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