Get Your Pre-Approved Credit One Platinum VISA Card Today

Did you receive a letter in the mail confirming you’ve been pre-approved for a Credit One Platinum VISA Card?  If you are interested in this offer you don’t have long to act on it.  The offer is limited for only a short period of time expiring on February 5, 2014.  You can get approved for a credit line of up to $1,500.  Depending on your financial circumstances this is your chance if you’re trying to rebuild your credit to start anew and improve your credit worthiness.

There are some great features that are associated with the Credit One Platinum VISA.  The first feature you’re already familiar with is the pre-approval process.  You were selected and determined to be a perfect match for this particular card.  There are no enrollment fees you’ll have to be concerned about.  All you do is apply for the card and receive a quick notification of your approval and your credit limit.

Another great feature unlike most other credit cards is you’ll never be charged over the limit fees.  Credit card companies have gouged their customers for years with that particular fee but customers of the COPV card don’t have to worry about those additional unnecessary fees.  Customers will also have access to their credit score on a monthly basis.  It will be accessible inside your online account.

There are 3 options to accept the COPV card today which are online, via telephone, or by mail.  You can follow the instructions from the letter that was mailed to your home for the appropriate phone number to call and address to mail.  Customers who want to get an instant response can visit the link below for online access.  Be sure to have your approval code from your letter as it is needed to enter in the online application.

Visit:  Credit One Platinum VISA

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