Intex Queen 2-in-1 Guest Airbed Mattress with Hand Pump Review

This Intex Queen 2-in-1 Guest Airbed Mattress review will show you how convenient this airbed is for when you have guests over.

If you don’t have a spare room for guests that are staying over a great airbed you can use is the Intex Queen 2-in-1 Guest Airbed Mattress with Hand Pump.  What is special about this airbed is it can accommodate several people due to its design of being 2 airbeds in 1.  Either you can put both airbeds together to form 1 double high bed or you can separate the 2 and have 2 individual queen size beds.

On the 2-in-1 Airbed is a popular item from various brands.  Click here for best 2-in-1 Airbed prices.

Intex Queen 2-in-1 Guest Airbed Mattress
Intex Queen 2-in-1 Guest Airbed Mattress

Intex Queen 2-in-1 Guest Airbed Features

Uses:  This is a perfect fit for guests sleeping over your house, camping trip, traveling, etc.

Airbeds:  2 Queen sized airbeds fully inflated measures 60” x 80” x 8.75” each

Stackable:  Both beds can be stacked on top of each other to form a double high bed.  The beds connect together using a set of straps creating a 17” high double bed.

Comfortable:  Both airbeds have soft flocked tops for comfort

Inflates:  A high output hand pump comes with the mattress allowing you to inflate it quickly.

Maximum Weight:  There is a max weight of 600 pounds that the airbeds can hold

Currently Walmart has a great deal on the Intex Queen 2-in-1 Airbed for $24 if you can get one.  People are buying them so fast that Walmart is having a hard time keeping them in stock.  If Walmart and other stores are out of stock of this product consider for an alternative bed at equal or near equal cost. Click here to visit

A recommendation for visitors is the Coleman 4-in-1 Easy Stay Twin/King Airbed that has over 500 customer reviews on and has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.  This bed is priced a little higher than the Intex Queen but is still a good buy.

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