Lazy Lounger Inflatable Air Sofa Review

Lazy Lounger Inflatable Air Sofa Review
Lazy Lounger Inflatable Air Sofa Review

The hottest product of the year has to be inflatable loungers that people are taking with them out to the beach or on their camping outings.  There are a lot of inflatable lounger brands on the market but a great brand that customers love is the Lazy Lounger Air Sofa.  Their product inflates within seconds and is made tough with a durable super strong Ripstop nylon fabric that can hold up to 550 pounds.

Lazy Lounger Features

Portability:  The Lazy Lounger Inflatable Air Bed can be taken anywhere you go and used on most surfaces including grass, sand, concrete, snow, and water.  It is also waterproof and will float on water if you want to lounge in the pool or ocean.

Size Measurements:  weighs 2.6 pounds, measures 83 x 39 when fully inflated.  When in its portable state it is 7 x 14 can fits easily in its carrying bag.

Inflate:  The bag easily inflates by waving the open end of the bag from one side to the other as air is captured in the bag.  Seal off the bag, roll up, and connect the clasps to hold the air inside.  No air pump or device is needed to inflate the bag with air.

Deflate:  Disconnect the clasps and roll up the bag to release the air then place bag inside its carrying bag.

Preorders are being accepted for the Lazy Lounger at but because inflatable air loungers are growing in popularity this year, you can also visit and find reputable air loungers that are very similar to the Lazy Lounger if not better.

Here is a great inflatable air bag by CosyinSofa that has the same features as the Lazy Lounger and is ready to be shipped to you today.  The product has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating and customers really like the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, fast inflating, size of it, convenience, and more.  Visit to read the customer reviews.

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