ListenBright XP750 Digital Hearing Aid Review

Are you experiencing trouble with your hearing?  Are you nervous about having to pay the expensive cost of hearing aids?  If you have concerns about your hearing and don’t want to pay the thousands of dollars for a hearing aid consider an alternative hearing aid such as the ListenBright XP750 Digital Hearing Aid.  The ListenBright is an alternative option for customers who may not be able to afford a typical hearing aid prescribed by your doctor.

One of the biggest problems for anyone that needs a quality hearing aid is their insurance may not cover the one that their doctor recommends.  For this reason people will experiment with other types of hearing aids that can be purchased elsewhere.  Many times they will discover that hearing aids that are found in stores or online work just as good as the expensive ones for their needs.

ListenBright XP750 Digital Hearing Aid Review
ListenBright XP750 Digital Hearing Aid Review

The ListenBright XP750 Digital Hearing Aid can be a solution for anyone interested in an affordable option.  This particular hearing aid is priced at $93.74 which is vastly cheaper than most prescribed hearing aids.  It also comes with a 30 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee that allows you to return it if you’re not satisfied within 30 days and receive your money back.  There is also an additional 6-month risk free guarantee that indicates if your Listen Bright breaks during normal use within 6 months of your purchase you’ll receive a replacement for free.

It has all the features of any typical digital hearing aid and is small and discreet meaning it can be worn and it doesn’t draw a lot of attention.  It hides behind your ear and the small ear piece snuggly fits inside your ear.  For people worried about the idea of wearing a hearing aid you shouldn’t worry too much because most people walking around today have an earpiece attached to their smartphone when they’re listening to music or talking via their Bluetooth device.

The ListenBright XP750 is a digital hearing aid which has better speech enhancement and noise reduction technology built in.  It can also produce up to +130 db of sound.  So users should experience a better quality of sound and higher amplification.

Customers can also visit and review their Digital Hearing Aids which have customer reviews.  A good recommendation for an affordable hearing aid on Amazon is the NewEarTM FDA Approved Hearing Amplifier.  It is half the price of the ListenBright XP750 and has over 200 customer reviews with customers giving the product a 3.6 out of 5 stars.  To read what customers are saying CLICK HERE!!

5 thoughts on “ListenBright XP750 Digital Hearing Aid Review

  1. I received the Listen Bright hearing aids and find them totally unuseable.
    They cannot be placed in a manner where they will stay on the ear and be used,
    Is return address the same as on the shipping container?

  2. I recently purchased two of your listen bright hearing aids. I have tried them and find that after a few hours of wearing them, they act like an ear plug. I also received a third hearing aid, a few weeks after the first set. I really don’t think that I need three hearing aids. However, I would like to return all of the hearing aids for a full refund. Please, send me the information, I need to do so. Thank you,

  3. I saved your add on my bookmarks and when i went back they had been taken off my machine. I sent my hearing aids back like the man said to do can you inform me about how long it takes to get my money back i have to have hearing aids to hear. I need my money back to order another pair. please inform me about when i can look for my money.

  4. your hearing aids DO NOT WORK so I want my money back and for you to cancel the battery order NOW…I believed your promise of my money back
    and you will not even pick up on my phone calls 1-772-448-8472

  5. I have sent my hearing aid back with the note, stating that the two batteries only lasted two days. That was in June, hav’nt heard back or got another unit back. Seems that this company is not reliable. G.P.

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