Login to MyPepsico Employee Benefit Site

The MyPepsico site is the online portal for employees of the company to access their payroll and benefits information.  Each employee has an online account that will provide a current view of company personal information.  As long as an employee has a user ID and password they can access their account anywhere that has an internet connection and logon.

In order to login employees will need a username and password that the company will provide for you.  First time users trying to log into the system should visit the site and click “First Time User.”  You will be taken to the first of 4 steps involving Pepsico Identity Management in order to register for your account.

The access is for all Pepsico employees including US employees, contractors, and third party users.  Once you have completed the registration process you will be able to review your payroll and benefit information.   Each employee, depending on your access, can look over your Pepsico employee information and make changes as needed.

If you run into any trouble with your account please contact your Human Resources department.  They can make the necessary corrections or changes to your account to ensure you have full utility of it.

Visit:  MyPepsico

One thought on “Login to MyPepsico Employee Benefit Site

  1. wanting to know which insurance company I’m with now. Still have the same benefits package as previous year, but United Health Care is no longer providing. Who should I let my doctors know I’m covered with. Thank you. You can also call me at 970 328 3328 between 1-3pm mountain standard time.

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