Login to Volt Workforce Solutions Employee Self Service

Volt Workforce Solutions employees can utilize the self-service web portal to monitor all of their payroll information.  Instead of having to depend on a hardcopy paycheck to provide them all of the information related to their working hours they can actually use the Volt Workforce self-service option to keep track of their payroll details.

The great thing about this service is employees can login to the site anytime of the day to see a good estimation of what they should expect when they get paid the next time.  They can monitor their hours worked, number of overtime hours, earnings for the upcoming pay week, view past paystubs, and more.  By having this option available for employees they can help keep track of their own work hours and pay.

To begin using the site employees should utilize the one-time ePay authorization option.  This is the beginning process to providing access to the site.  The next step is to create a username and password which will be used each time you login through the web portal.  You can elect to follow the online instructions to create your login details or get assistance through your Volt representative.

One key point to remember when setting up your online access is your user ID is located on your paystub.  You will use this every time you login.  Your initial temporary password already has a set pattern which is for example:  ab232342332$.  The first two letters are the first two characters of your last name.  The following nine digits are your social security number.  The last character is always a dollar sign.  There are no uppercase letters allowed or spaces, your social security number is inputted as is.  You will need to follow this pattern when logging in the first time then once inside your account you can manually change your password to whatever you like.

Visit:  Volt Workforce Login

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