Login To Your NY RoadRunner Account

Subscribers of Time Warner Cable internet can access their email online at the Rochester RoadRunner Webmail portal.  In order to login you will need to know your full TWC email address as well as your password.  For new customers who have not created their email address there are instructions for setting up your RoadRunner email inside your main TWC account.  Follow those directions to get started with utilizing your email.

If you are like most people who have several email accounts but select their primary email account for configuring for setup to send and receive emails from their home computer’s desktop then consider your TWC email for your desktop.  It is not hard to configure your email service and below are step by step instructions to follow for setting up email on a Windows Vista operating system.  Once you set this up you won’t have to depend on the webmail portal to login and check your account.  Your emails will come directly to your desktop.

•             Open Windows Mail and select Accounts from the Tools drop-down menu.

•             Click the Add button to set up a new email account.

•             Select Email Account in the window and click the Next button.

•             Enter the Display name you want to show on outgoing messages and click the Next button.

•             Enter your email address and click the Next button.

•             Select POP3 in the Incoming email server drop-down menu and enter your POP Server Address and SMTP Server Address

•             Note: Your POP and SMTP Server Addresses have the same domain as your email address (e.g., pop-server.nyc.rr.com or smtp-server.nyc.rr.com).

•             Check the box next to Outgoing server requires authentication and click Next.

•             Once your account is created, click Finish.

•             To edit your account settings, select Accounts in the Tools drop-down menu.

•             Select the account you want to edit and click Properties.

•             Click the Servers tab to edit your POP and SMTP Server Addresses.

•             To check your mail, click Send/Receive near the top right of your Inbox.

To login to your email account from the TWC Webmail portal please click the link below.

Visit:  Time Warner Cable Email

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