Lose 5 lbs During Week One with Nutrisystem All-New Fast 5 Kit

The New Year has arrived and everyone is trying to commit to their new year’s resolutions especially in the area of losing weight.  Weight loss is always the number one resolution that most people make when they think of turning over a new leaf on life.  Well, to help you achieve your weight loss goals Nutrisystem has developed a program called the All-New Fast 5 that will help you lose 5 lbs in your first week.

When you become a regular Nutrisystem customer which means ordering a 28 day meal plan as a bonus you will receive the Fast 5 Kit for free.  This kit is designed to help accelerate your weight loss during your very first week of receiving Nutrisystem and eating the meals.  Here is what’s included in the Fast 5 Kit to get the results you’re looking for:

The science behind Nutrisystem success is already laid out for you.  There is no need to go to meetings, count calories, nor measure your foods.  All you do is select a meal plan from their online catalog and you will have those prepared foods shipped to your home that you can begin eating right out of the box.  There are plans for men and women and lots of options that you can choose from.

Nutrisystem has 3 different plan types that customers can choose from:  Basic, Core, and Select.  Each plan offers different foods and has different pricing.  Decide on which plan best fits your budget and lifestyle and enjoy the Fast 5 Kit for free.  It comes with each plan that is offered.  To get started with Nutrisystem please click the link below.

Visit:  Nutrisystem Fast 5 Kit

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