Remove Dirt and Grime with Shark Sonic Duo

When it’s time to deep clean our carpets and floors we’re all looking for a product that will get our carpets looking their very brightest, almost to their original state.  There are a lot of cleaners on the market but have you considered the Shark Sonic Duo?  It you’ve seen it advertised then you already know through observation that it has the ability to renew your carpets.

The Shark Sonic Duo is designed to deep clean your carpets especially those areas that have stuck on dirt and grime which seem impossible to clean.  The vibrating scrubbing action that is produced by the Sonic Duo along with the assistance of Shark’s special cleaning solution which utilizes Sonic Trap & Remove technology penetrates the carpet breaking up stuck on dirt so it can be removed.

The Sonic Duo is great for cleaning your carpets, rugs, tile, wood floors, or any other surface that needs to be cleaned.  It will clean and remove 4 times the stuck on dirt than just vacuuming alone.  The product comes with different types of washable cleaning pads that have specific floor cleaning uses.  There is a pad for your carpets/rugs, carpet stains, hard floors, hard floor polishing, and dusting.

If you are looking for a product that will help maintain your carpets and floors then the Shark Sonic Duo is just the product you need.  It comes with 5 different cleaning solutions and 3 different washable pads with other pads you can order separately.  Customers will also receive a free bonus gift of 1 year supply of Carpet Cleaning Solutions and Pads.

Take advantage of the affordable monthly payment plan of 4 payments at $49.95 per month and receive a 5 year VIP Warranty that covers all repairs or you will receive a replacement model.  To learn more about this cleaner please visit the link below.

Visit:  Shark Sonic Duo

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