Take the 3 Question Honda Survey

If you are a Honda customer and enjoy your new auto purchase take a second to complete the quick 3 question survey available at www.hondaopinion.com/dmfollowup.  The survey pertains to the booklet you recently received in the mail highlighting all of the products and services available to customers enhancing their ownership experience as well as advertising other Honda products.  With the online survey customers can leave positive or negative feedback in the comment sections which are large enough for you to get your thoughts out.

The 3 questions asked on the survey are simple and customers can select the appropriate answer for them which are Very Helpful, Neutral, or Not Helpful.  If you want to expound on your answer then consider the comment box to add additional comments.  The questions are:

  1. How helpful was this communication overall?
  2. How helpful did you find the following areas of the communication?
  3. How likely is it that you would recommend Honda to a friend or colleague?

At the bottom of the survey page there is an option for customers to speak with a Honda Automobile Customer Service Specialist if necessary.  The survey shouldn’t take long to finish and afterwards you can visit the Owners page which is a valuable resource for customers.  It offers a way for customers to personalize and track everything about their vehicle online including accessing your account, scheduling your service appointments, accessing your owner’s manual, download apps, and a lot more.

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