Www.NutriBullet.com/register – Activate Your Warranty on Your Nutribullet

Now that you’ve gotten your brand new Nutribullet and you’re looking to supercharge your health the first step you want to take is to properly register your Nutribullet.  One of the benefits of registering your device is you will receive a 15 month extended warranty plan.  There are documents inside the box that your product came in that detail how the warranty works.

The warranty registration doesn’t take long to complete.  You simply need to complete the online form which asks for some personal information including where you purchased your device, the purchase date, and the serial number.    If you are interested in receiving email promotions concerning Magic Bullet products then you can opt in to receive those promotions.

A general idea of how your warranty works is it covers your entire Nutribullet if it stops working due to manufacturing defects.  If you experience this type of problem then you will receive a replacement Nutribullet or either have your current device repaired at no cost under the warranty.  The extended warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

After learning how the warranty works take the time to review all of the information about your new Nutribullet that are on the website.  There are testimonials, extra accessories that can be purchased, new recipes to spice up your drinks, and more.  There is also a 25 minute show that goes more indepth into how this revolutionary product can change your health in so many ways.

To get started with the registration process please click the link below.

Visit:  Nutribullet Registration

5 thoughts on “Www.NutriBullet.com/register – Activate Your Warranty on Your Nutribullet

  1. Hi, I recently bought a Nutri Bullet in Australia, How do I register this for the extended warranty. Also, I cant believe the price difference in Australia compared to United States. I feel as though I have paid waaay tooo much.
    Thank you Barbara

  2. I purchased my nutribullet from TV Shop in Australia. How do I register on line as it only allows USA or Canada residents to register?

  3. how do i register my warranty for the nutibullet in australia . i agree how come we pay way to much here for this product. thank you

  4. the bullet stopped working is the replacement warranty real? who do i call were is the information on your wed site

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