30 Day In Home Trial for Rug Doctor

Do you have carpets that constantly need cleaning?  Are you looking to purchase a carpet cleaner for home use?  If you answered yes to both questions consider the most reputable brand in carpet cleaning, the Rug Doctor.  Right now new customers can receive a brand new Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner for a 30 day trial use at only $29.99.  A complete unit will be sent to your home and you can begin cleaning your carpets and judge for yourself its performance and whether or not you want to keep it.

Customers who take advantage of the 30 day trial offer are only required to pay the $29.99 initial fee but if they decide to keep it after 30 days they can take advantage of the available 6 month payment plan of $59.99 per month.  The credit card you used to charge your initial payment is kept on file for the remaining 6 month payments and will be automatically charged 30 days apart.

Most people don’t need to be sold on a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner as for years these units were available for rental inside grocery stores and were very popular.  Now customers can purchase their own unit for home use and feel confident they have the right equipment to maintain their carpets.  Every part of your home can be effectively cleaned including stairs, hard to reach areas, and your vehicles.  The Rug Doctor is versatile enough with its attachments to clean your home completely.

What comes with your order?  Each order comes with a Rug Doctor with Upholstery Tool & Caddy, 40oz. Professional OxySteam, 24oz Platinum Spot & Stain Trigger, a 3 year extended warranty, and $30 in coupons.  The actual product warranty is a 5 year limited consumer warranty that will repair or replace any defective parts of the cleaner.

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