Access CitiManager Electronic Access System Online

Corporate clients of Citi can better access and manage their accounts online by using the CitiManager Electronic Access System.  It is designed for especially for mobile users who want the freedom to use their mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows, Blackberry, or Android devices to monitor their accounts.  Clients and cardholders can now view their accounts, statements, and any new transactions via the CitiManager Mobile system.

Account holders who have not enrolled in the system will find it very easy to register online at the CitiManager website.  It is a self-registration process that requires you to input a few details which basically consists of your account info found on your statement.  You need to enter your card number, account name, and address to begin the process.  After these details have been entered you will be able to establish a username and password.

Some of the features on display inside your online account allow users to view their account statements and payment details.  Statements can be viewed up to 36 months back in detail. A summary of your account is also given which is a general overview of your account.  The payments tab is where users can make payments on their Citi Commercial Card account.

For mobile users the CitiManager is a fully functional site that offers convenience for them as they are able to monitor all of their account activity from their mobile devices.  The design on the inside is very simple to use and user-friendly which users can feel confident performing certain transactions.


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