Acosta Sales & Marketing Associate Webmail

Acosta Sales & Marketing Associates can utilize the company online web portal to access their email.  This portal allows employees to login and check their emails while away from the company and through any mobile device that has internet connectivity.  The portal only requires that you enter your username and password to logon.  The only real differences you will notice when accessing your email from the portal versus your company desk computer is you may not have the same features or functionalities that are normally available.

Before you enter your login details and get started one feature on the web portal site that Associates should consider using is the security feature.  Depending on where you are accessing your email you will want to utilize the security feature to safeguard your email and company information.  If you’re using a public or shared computer select the appropriate option as the safeguard in this option will automatically timeout or logoff your email just in case you forget to.  This prevents your email account from being viewed or tampered with as it will time itself out.

Another feature with the Acosta email portal is the option to use the light version of Outlook.  This is for users who are using a slow internet connection that may be loading up their emails slower than usual.  This is especially good for users that may be using a mobile broadband email connection that is currently running slower than 2G speed.  The light version of Outlook will not load up certain images or features of your email in order to speed up your email experience.


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