Apply For A Full or Part-time Job At UPS

Anyone looking for a job knows UPS is always hiring and it doesn’t matter what city they are located in.  They often have jobs available for part-time Package Handlers or seasonal Driver Helpers.  These jobs are perfect for students in college looking to gain some extra spending money.  Candidates can apply for these jobs and more via the UPS jobs board located at  At the site candidates can apply for entry-level Package Handler positions as well as any other job opening available at UPS.

When candidates visit the UPS job site they will notice how easy it is to search for UPS jobs within their area or around the country.  UPS does a great job of listing their current openings on their website for candidates to browse and submit online applications.  Since their most prevalent position is the part-time Package Handler position their jobs website provides candidates with additional information about that position and how it works.

Of course everyone already knows the Package Handler position can be a tough grueling position requiring lots of continuous lifting.  The work hours for these employees are basically during weekdays only 4 hours for the days they are scheduled to work.  They do not normally work on weekends or holidays.  There is a schedule on the site of their 4 hour shifts that provides the times that workers are typically assigned to work.

Some of the benefits that are afforded employees are the UPS Tuition Assistance Program, Health and Wellness, Compensation and Savings, and more.  The tuition program is another attraction for college students who are interested in working for the company.  The assistance they receive from the program is very beneficial to helping them continue with their education.

To learn more about searching and applying for jobs at UPS please click HERE.


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