BAMBUSA Infrared Therapy Socks and Sleeves Review

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from tired achy feet?  Do you have back pain that seems to never leave?  One way to find relief from these constant nagging pains is to try Bambusa Infrared Therapy Socks/Sleeves.  These socks/sleeves are designed to relieve pain by boosting circulation in those problem areas up to 17%.

Bambusa Socks are specially made from a breakthrough 3D Weave Technology that is activated by body heat.  As you wear the socks, wrist bands, or waist sleeve the technology takes advantage of your body heat that is generated which in turn activates the charcoal that is woven into every strand of the sock material thus increasing the temperature of the area of the body it is supporting.  This increase in temperature which in most cases is around 7 degrees more than your body temperature increases the blood flow in that area by up to 17% allowing more oxygen to be supplied and reducing the pain.

It doesn’t matter what condition a person has including arthritis and carpal tunnel, the Bambusa socks can provide some relief from the normal pains they experience.  If you have poor circulation, swelling, chronic pain, or develop soreness try this product out and see if it can help.  You can wear these socks while working, traveling, or exercising.  Many people experience relief in as little as 5 minutes of wearing the product.

For today customers interested in trying out Bambusa you can receive 2 free pair after you’ve purchased your initial order.  This order comes with a 30 day trial with money back guarantee.  Customers who don’t feel the product helps can return it for a full refund.  There are several buy options allowing customers to pick and choose between socks only or socks, wrist sleeves, or a waist sleeve.  To learn more about how to get your own set of socks please click HERE.


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