BCBS Online Mail Order Pharmacy

A big convenience for many health plan members who need their prescriptions filled is the PrimeMail mail service pharmacy.   One of the hassles with being prescribed prescriptions from your doctor is getting them filled by your local pharmacy.  With PrimeMail members can have all of their prescriptions mailed to them and have more control over ordering, refilling, and renewing them.  All of these functions can be handled inside your own account at PrimeMail.

Placing orders for medications is as simple as ordering them online at the PrimeMail website or calling them in via phone.  Many health plan members rave in having the option to use a service like this compared to having to drive to the local pharmacy.  Another benefit of using MyPrimeMail is your drug costs are somewhat lower as well.  There can be savings gained as high as 33%.

Health care plan members can also expect to take advantage of technology to simplify things more.  You can setup your account to send you notifications when you prescriptions have been sent, when your order has been received, and refill reminders.  This is a great service to people and everyone should use it to their benefit.


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