Belk Associate Portal for Employee Benefits

Belk Associates interested in reviewing their employee benefit coverage can utilize the Belk Benefits web portal to access their online account.  You will need a User ID and Password to access the account which you should already have.  If you do not know your login information or maybe have forgotten it please see your immediate supervisor for assistance.

The Belk Benefits site is an efficient and convenient way for Associates to monitor all of their company benefits that they signed up for and more.  Associates can review their health coverage, prescription, vision, dental, 401k, legal services, life insurance, and more.  Instead of having to rely on a packet of information that employee’s normally receive from their Human Resources department, the Belk Benefits site is easier and maintains the same information without having to keep up with booklets and forms.

When it’s time for the annual Open Enrollment drive Associates don’t have to sit in a long meeting to learn about the new changes that are taking place with their benefits but instead can read or watch prepared videos highlighting those changes from inside their Belk Benefits Associate account.  They can add, drop, or change their insurance coverage very easily from the selections available.

If an Associate has questions about any of their benefits there are Help sections after they’ve logged on that can guide them to the answers they are looking for.  There are seminars and other online resources that have been prepared for employees inside their Belk Benefits account that are designed to educate them on each company benefit offered to them.  Please take the time to become familiar with your online account as it should be your primary place of focus concerning your benefits.


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