Buy 4 Boxes of Clairol Color Get 1 Free

Customers who enjoy using Clairol hair color products can take advantage of the Clairol Platinum Rewards program that allows you to receive a free box of color after you’ve purchased 4 boxes.  With each box of Clairol you purchase you’ll earn credits which accrue towards the 4 box total and qualify you to receive a free box.  The Platinum Rewards program is only available for in-store purchases.

The first step to earning rewards points is to enroll in the program.  Customers will need to register for an account at  After completing the registration process and setting up their account customers are ready to start earning rewards.

How does the program work exactly?  When a customer buys a box of Clairol color they will need to retain their receipt because the receipt is very important.  On the receipt highlight by checkmark each Clairol product purchased as well as the receipt timestamp and total.

The next step is use your smartphone or digital camera take a picture of the entire receipt.  Visit the Clariol Platinum Rewards webpage and login to your account.  Upload the receipt image to the site and start earning reward points.  Every time you purchase hair color you will need to follow this same process in order to continue earning rewards points.  After you’ve reached 4 boxes earned in your My Rewards tab you will see an indication “Claim Coupon” which you can select and your coupon for a free box of hair color will be mailed to you.

Keep buying hair color and continue earning rewards points continuously.

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