Buy the Shark Rotator Vacuum at $49 Over 4 Months

If you’ve seen the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Vacuum in operation and want to purchase it for yourself then consider the exclusive online offer of $49.95 per month over 4 months.  New customers can purchase the vacuum through their affordable monthly plan or make one payment of $199.40.  Along with making an online purchase customers will receive a VIP Lifetime Warranty.

Currently customers who are interested in the payment plan can also take advantage of an additional offer from Shark that will allow them to save 20% off the purchase of another vacuum.  Instead of paying $49.95 per month they can pay $39.96 per month.  This offer is for customers who need a second vacuum in their home of office.  This is an opportunity to receive a 2nd vacuum at a great deal.

Included with each purchase of a Shark Rotator is the actual vacuum, a complimentary Shark Steam Mop, VIP Lifetime Warranty, Premium Turbo Brush, 11” Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Multi-Angle Dusting Brush, Multi Tool, Under Appliance Wand, 18” Flexi Tool, and Accessory Bag.  There are other opportunities for customers to upgrade this package to include other accessories that can be purchased online.  As you go through the checkout process offers for additional accessories will be made available for you to decide on.

What is so special about the Shark Rotator Vacuum?  The vacuum is a powerful deep cleaning upright vacuum that literally has 3 different types of vacuums all in one unique vacuum.  With the Rotator you will have the capacity to clean more areas of your home through the use of the upright, Lift-Away, and Caddy vacuum features.

The upright has enhanced steering which enables the vacuum to easily maneuver around floor objects.  The Lift-Away feature transforms the vacuum into a portable powerhouse affording you the opportunity to take the power of the vacuum with you to any part of your home.  The Caddy feature is a rest area for the Lift-Away when you want to concentrate on cleaning a particular area.

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