Check on the Status of Your Rebate at Rewards By Mail

The Rewards By Mail website is designated for customers of participating retailers who are given mail-in rebates for purchases.  Customers will have to complete the rebate forms that are associated with their purchase and mail those forms in to the address on the form.  After mailing off the forms customers can visit the Rewards By Mail site and track the status of their rebate.

The site is simple to use as the only bit of information that is required is your last name, address number, and zip code.  If your mail-in rebate has been received you will notice the date it was received along with a quick status update informing you of where your rebate stands in the rebate system process.  Your rebate information will fall into three basic categories:  in process, mailed, or invalid request.

Any problems or questions you may have about your rebate can be directed via the Contact Form link.  You will need to complete the form with your issues or complaints and wait for a response back from the sender.  There is no need to contact the store about rebate issues because they basically don’t handle rebates.  All rebates that are associated with purchases are handled by a third party company called Promotion Fulfillment Center.

After you have mailed off your rebate please give it a few weeks for processing.  You will notice on the form there are certain guidelines to consider when you are participating in this process.  To get started with searching for your mailed-in rebate please click the link HERE.


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