Claim Thousands of Dollars in Free Government Giveaways

If you are interested in obtaining free money from the government take advantage of this offer that will show you step by step how to get your hands on money that has been set aside via government programs for anyone to claim.  The package that is being offered is called the Free Government Giveaway Package which includes special reports that will help you claim thousands of dollars in free grant money as well as providing money saving advice.

There are newsletters and other easy to understand how-to informationals that will help you access many of the government programs or federally subsidized programs that have thousands of unclaimed dollars just sitting there.  The report that this information is specifically located in is the Free Stuff and Great Bargain Adventures for People Over 50.  You will learn that no one is exempt from claiming the money that is available to anyone who will take advantage of the instructions that are offered in this package to get those funds.

Along with learning about grant programs customers will also learn about programs that offer discounted rates on everyday services like vacations, free health assistance, education/tuition assistance, airfare discounts, and a whole lot more.  The Free Government-Giveaway Package will break down all of the qualification for each program to ensure that you are eligible for the funds.

So how does this program work exactly?  Customers will need to simply pay a $1.97 processing fee and afterwards all of these special reports will be available for download in digital format.  You will receive daily updates from, a 3 month trial subscription to The Franklin Prosperity Report, and a 4 month trial subscription to The Dividend Machine.  These reports will offer you the best money-saving advice and tips.

Along with the subscription you will receive bonus reports to help further educate you on how to effectively save your money, strategies on paying fewer taxes, save costs on education, investor’s advice on gold coins, etc.  Everything is available in digital format which will be ready as soon as you subscribe.  You can get started with a simply processing fee of $1.97 and have access to all of these reports.

You will receive everything in this package digitally ready for download.  If you are ready to get started then click HERE.



  1. Judith LePenske

    Pls. send info. re. this

  2. Roberta MORGAN

    I wish to receive only the Free Government Giveaway Package providing information how to access programs includino social security for over 50, as you advertise. I do not wish to also subscribe to further informational add ons, i.e. fncial advice. Please advise me this specific cost. Thank you.

    1. Roy E. Gushwa

      I would like to enhance my monthly Social Security benefits through this program, if
      eligible. Please forward to me pertinent information by which I can access these
      Government funds. I am a married (52-years) Male, age: < 85, Wife <84, both currently
      collecting Social Security benefits, limited other pension and life insurance.

    2. Sylvina Alvarez Thompson

      Please send me any information you can give for me to add to my social security income.

  3. Robert Miller

    What all is included for $1.97 ? If it sounds too good to be true……..!

  4. Emmet Cashin

    Please send information

  5. Beverly A. Roberts

    I would like to received the Social Security Extra Benefit Program Package only.
    I am currently 76 Years of age. Please inform me the best way to handle that.
    Also I’m receiving Social Security now. Thank You

  6. Alex StJohn

    I would like to obtain information to enhance my monthly social security benifets
    I’m 58 years old thank you

  7. Sharon Woodard

    picking this info up from the website above. I did this once and after the trial they will bill you something like, it’s either $97 or $48?? as there are 2 newsletters not just 1.. I cancel’d both. I’ve been hooked to and receive moneynews emalls for years.

    as far as asking for a grant? we are 68 and 70 yrs old, what would we need a grant for? certainally not to go back to school… perhaps for some kind of a non profit foundation, but then we have to rely on others to donate to keep it going and at our age and with our illnesses it would be more then we could handle.

    this might suit some but it did not for us.

    thank you for the info once again .

  8. Richard Jamieson

    Please forward information , I am a 90 year old WWII veteran and interested in goverment dollars which are available

  9. Yarbrough Ron

    I don’t pay via online due to being a victim of idenity fraud. Please send address. Ron. Yarbrough

  10. sl clark

    at nearly 74 …, very interested in receiving “SocialSecurityExtraBenefitPackage” only… and would like very much to be able to enhance my current soc. sec. substandard income… (but what would be the cost just for ‘this’ package ?). I am not interested in receiving Nor subscribing to any OTHER publications or online/digital newsletters. I truly cannot afford them, and they ALWAYS DO end up costing significant amounts of monies (that I cannot afford). Please send any information available, and/or proceedures necessary, in order to be able obtain these ‘Benefits'(?). ‘ThankYou’ for any assistance you may be able to provide me. Sincerely, Sl clark

  11. James C Morrill

    how much dose the entire program cost and what are the odds that the AVERAGE social security recipient will benefit by? If this is a legal and for profit business that’s ok with me, as long as you are honest with me

  12. Brigid Murphy

    I’m interested for I worked hard all my life and since I had taken care of my mother the last 8 years of her life. I was tired an only worked part time and when they figured these dumb quarters I was really dumped on. I get $909 a month thank you very much. No I do not want magazines to cost me money of which I do not need. Free great. Costing me money no thank you. Sounds good mail it to me. Please thanks

    1. Hal Hildebrecht

      Before jumping into this “offer” about free stuff, people need to remember this——–“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” !

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