Coolway Blow Dry Bar in a Bottle

If you’re a regular at your local blow out or blow dry bar then you are fully aware of how these beauty salons can absolutely transform your hair.  Women who struggle with maintaining a professional look can visit one of these bars and allow the stylist to rejuvenate their hair into a silky smooth look.  What if you could achieve the same results without going to a blow dry bar?  Transform from Coolway is a breakthrough system that is called a “blow dry bar in a bottle.”

All you need to create a salon professional look is a blow dryer and Transform.  The product prevents your hair from frizzing up when you’re blow drying thus causing your hair to be straighter.  The secret to Transform is it’s Amino Locked Complex.  When activated with heat from your blow dryer it holds your hair straight from inside your cuticle.  This allows you to style your hair as your blow dry it.

After using the product on their hair most women notice how soft and silky their hair becomes.  It’s a sense of pride to know that they produce their look without the assistance of a hair salon.  Transform was voted the breakthrough product of the year and is getting rave reviews.

What do you get?  When you order Transform you will receive a bottle of Transform, Super Boost Treatment, and Travel Size Transform.  The entire kits is affordable at $19.95 and also comes with a 30 day risk free offer.


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