Credit Collection Services Pay Online

Credit Collection Services is a 3rd party debt collector that assists their clients with resolutions on paying off past debts.  If you’ve recently received correspondence in the mail or by phone about outstanding past debts that haven’t been resolved consider speaking with a representative of Credit Collection Services about making some type of payment arrangements to resolve your debts.

If you’ve already made arrangements you can begin making payments at their online secure website.  Your first step is to select which method of contact they used to get in touch with you.  There are two options which are Notice and Message.  Select the appropriate one and continue forth with the online payment process.  You will need to input your File Number and Zip Code to get started.

After you’ve finished entering in your information so they can locate your file you can then select which payment method you’d like to make your monthly payment with.  There are payment options such as using a credit card or bank draft.

Using the online service is a convenience for its customers because they can make a payment anytime of the day.  As long as the website is operational payments can be made 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Please make sure you pay on or before your scheduled due date.  It is important that you honor your payment agreement which was arranged by the CCS representative you spoke with to ensure your account won’t go back into default causing to you to miss out on a potential savings reduction.  Make your payment to CCS by clicking HERE.



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