Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Online Patient Portal

Manage your healthcare online through Darmouth-Hitchcock’s online patient portal at www.mydh.org.  The site is a free service that allows patients access to their health records around the clock so they can better manage and review their personal health care information.  The service offers many features that allow patients to receive the answers they need and have a hands on approach to their own health care profile.

Through myDH patients have the opportunity to ask their primary care physicians and their offices questions through their online patient account.  It is an efficient method that enables communication to be fluid between both the provider and the patient.  Instead of having to find their provider’s phone number to schedule and arrange appointments through the myDH site patients can utilize the online services to schedule their next doctor’s visit.

Pertaining prescriptions that patients receive from their provider they can now be renewed from their myDH account.  There is no need to schedule an appointment to see their doctor anymore to get prescriptions renewed but instead because of the direct connection to their provider’s office prescription renewals have been simplified.

Like most other online account services that allow account balances to be viewed online and payments to be submitted, the myDH site has the same feature for patients.  Patients don’t have to wait for an invoice to arrive in the mail but can instead pay their balance directly from their online account via credit card or bank draft.

Lab results are another feature that has been made more efficient for patients.  All lab results are sent to your online account for easy viewing.  As soon as they become available they are sent and posted inside your account by the lab office.  Email notifications are sent out when there are updates to your account which you need to know about.  To learn more about the services offered through Dartmouth-Hitchcock please click HERE.

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