Derm Exclusive Fill n Freeze Review

Are you noticing more wrinkles and lines on your face that are starting to make you uncomfortable?  Are you thinking, “What can I do to look younger?”  If you are searching for an answer to the signs of aging consider the revolutionary product Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze.  It has a reputation of working and yielding results in just 15 minutes of applying to the skin.  Wrinkles and other signs of aging begin to slowly fade away.

What makes the Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze Collection work so well?  Inside the ingredients of the product are Micro Smoothing Peptides that work to reduce the appearance of fine lines.  The Peptides relax the skin preventing them from creasing which will keep your skin firm and smooth.  Not only will this product correct wrinkles but it will work effectively on other signs of aging including sagging skin and discolorations.

There are 3 different types of Derm Exclusive collections that customers can purchase which are the Introductory Collection, Advanced Collection, and Ultimate Collection.  All three collections have a unique 4 step process for its effectiveness.  The steps basically involve using 4 unique individual Derm Exclusive products which are the Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment, Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads, Intensive Repair Serum, and Collagen Lift.

Ingredients Used in Derm Exclusive

Argireline and Myoxinol – peptides that relax facial muscles

Matrixyl 3000 – promotes collagen production stimulating skin to restore itself naturally

Glycolic Acid – clears away dead skin cells

Ultrasomes – enzymes that promote your skin’s natural repair process

Collaxyl – prevents sagging by boosting collagen production


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