Dessert Bullet Review – The Healthy Ice Cream Dessert Maker

The makers of the Magic Bullet have introduced a brand new product that will allow their customers to create their very own healthy ice cream right from the comfort of their home.  Customers no longer have to worry about all the sugars, fats, and calories that most ice creams purchased from the grocery stores or ice cream shops have.   Magic Bullet has created their new product called the Dessert Bullet which allows YOU to create your very own ice cream the way you want it by adding your own fruits and toppings.

The Dessert Bullet is a tidy product that works just like the other Magic Bullet products meaning you add in fruits and it will produce your desired ice cream flavor.  It works super fast requiring only about 10 seconds churning out a cup full of ice cream.  The ice cream comes out creamy and with the same desired consistency of normal ice cream.  The taste is not compromised with this product as you can’t tell the difference between your old ice cream and this.

What are the benefits of creating your own ice cream?

  • Get rid of lactose intolerance
  • Control the number of calories
  • Reduce the amount of processed sugars
  • No need for artificial colors

The Dessert Bullet comes with a 7 piece set which includes the power base, star shaped spout, oval spout, feed tube and barrel, pusher, top tray, and user guide.  There is also a bonus book with over 100 dessert recipes made specifically for the Dessert Bullet.  Customers can receive all of this under a 30 day risk free money back guarantee for 3 payments of $19.99 per month.


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