Dick’s Sporting Goods New Gift Locker Program

Have you ever received a gift from a family member or friend and it was not exactly the gift you wanted?  One way to get the types of gifts you want to receive, especially sports related gifts is by utilizing Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Locker.  The Gift Locker is your own personal wish list of items you are storing away inside your locker that you haven’t bought yet but you want.  Your locker along with all of its contents can then be shared with your family and friends on Facebook or Twitter.

The way the Gift Locker works is as you are shopping online at Dick’s Sporting Goods and come across certain items you want to purchase just simply add them to your Gift Locker account.  Your account can be accessed in-store, smart phone, mobile devices, laptop, or catalog.  Everything is already setup for you and only requires you to make the selections and begin storing the merchandise inside your locker.

The idea behind the Gift Locker is when you share your locker with your family and friends they will know what to get you for special occasions such as your birthday.  Its Dick’s Sporting Goods very own wish list program that you can share with others so they can become engaged in things you like.  If you are interested in this program please visit the link HERE and get started.


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