Dick’s Sporting Goods Winning Price Guarantee

Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering their customers the Winning Price Guarantee program or price matching for identical products that are currently on sale at a local competitor’s store.  If customers can find a price somewhere locally that is cheaper than what Dick’s is offering then Dick’s will honor that same price at their store.

To be eligible for the Winning Price Guarantee customers will need to bring in their retailer’s ad during the time of purchase.  There are stipulations on the program which are Dick’s will only price match items that are not based on store rebates, coupons, bonus offers, free offers, gift card offers, clearance, out of stock items, retailer’s pricing errors, etc.

The entire list of stipulations is available on the Dick’s Winning Price Guarantee webpage for customers to review and understand.  Customers need to focus only on items that are on sale at other stores without any additional discounts included.  This program is designed to help customers get the best deal possible on their purchases.

Customers can also take advantage of the 10% off offer available on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website just for submitting your email address and subscribing to their email list.  You will receive offers in your email inbox on a regular basis showcasing the best deal items currently being offered at Dick’s.



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