Download Free Apps for Your New Android Tablet

In order to start enjoying your brand new Android Tablet the very first step you need to do is to download all of the free apps that you’ll need.  The apps are not pre-loaded on your tablet when you purchase it but rather you will need to visit the Supreme App Pack website to download them.  If you need help with the installs please refer to the instructions that came with your tablet or login to the site and you can just follow along there.

There are 19 available Android 4 apps that make up the Supreme App Pack.  They consist of 8 games, 2 Merriam-Webster Dictionaries, OfficeSuite Pro 6, Easy Money, and there are others to choose from.  It is super easy to download each app but what is necessary to ensure they are downloaded fast and without a glitch, having a solid wifi connection is essential.  So it is preferable that you are using your wifi to download all of the apps.

When you visit the site you will notice it asks for your username and password.  You can get that information from the instruction sheet that is located inside your box.  After typing in your login details and accessing the site you will notice each app individually loaded where you can decide which ones you want to download to your tablet.  If you look back at the instructions inside your box there is a serial number assigned to each app which is needed to start the download process.  Just take your time downloading the apps until you have all of them loaded.



  1. Fannie Payne

    I didn’t get a paper in my box, could you send me one? P.O. BOX 2062, SANFORD, FL 32772

  2. Keith Fontaine

    I have a zeki tablet with version 4.1.1 that came with the the tablet. I am trying to access the android play store. When I do I get the message that this browser is no longer supported. I have tried the chrome browser, the two apps that came with the installed package and get the same message. Is the a way to up grade this browser and package?

    Thank You

    Keith Fontaine

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