DriveTime’s Online Car Payment Service

DriveTime customers looking to make a payment on their auto loan can visit the Online Payment Service and select from a number of options to send in their next car payment.  The site takes into consideration nearly every type of personal situation and offers convenient ways customers can submit their monthly payment.  Customers who are comfortable paying via check or money order can continue doing so while more tech savvy customers can use text or the online payment option.

To be sure your car payment is paid at the same date and time every month like clockwork customers are recommended to utilize the AutoPay feature.  It is a free service that takes the worry out of paying your bill as your payment will be automatically deducted from your personal bank account on the actual due date.  All you have to focus on is making sure there is enough money in your account to cover the payment.

Customers who enjoy their smart phone and the idea of using it to pay their bills will enjoy the Pay by Text Message feature.  This feature works in conjunction with Western Union Speedpay and your bank account enabling you to send a text when it’s time to make your payment and the money will be deducted from your bank account and applied to your loan account.

The other traditional methods of payment such as paying by phone or mail are still available.  Western Union Speedpay also handles payment by phone and there is a charge of $4.50 for the transaction.  Customers will need to dial 1-800-967-8526 and can use credit or debit as a payment option.  The mailing address to send check or money order is PO Box 53087, Phoenix, AZ, 85072.

Payments can also be made in person at any Walmart, Kmart, MoneyGram, or CheckFreePay locations.  There are additional fees that may be charged for in person payments.

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