Enter The Snickers Super Bowl Satisfaction Game

The Snickers Super Bowl Satisfaction Game is giving away First through Fourth place prizes to winners of their contest.  The contest is open to anyone from ages 13 and over and there are no purchases necessary to play.  You can participate by visiting the Game Page at www.facebook.com/snickers, sending a text message with the word SNICKERS to 78787, or visiting the Game Day Satisfaction website.  Whichever outlet you decide to play has instructions you will need to follow.

If you play by text message and happen to win you will receive a text that says, “You Win!”  If you play by the website you will receive an online message that says, “CONGRATULATIONS,” along with the prize you won and a winner confirmation number.

Promotional Period:  December 29, 2013 – February 28, 2014

Drawing Date:

First Prize:  500 First Prizes given away – $100 Visa Gift Card

Second Prize:  1,000 Second Prizes given away – $25 Visa Gift Card

Third Prize:  10,000 Third Prizes given away – a Snickers Brand Candy Bowl

Fourth Prize:   990,000 Fourth Prizes given away – a coupon redeemable for one SNICKERS Bar.


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