Find A Weight Watchers Meeting in Your Area

If you are interested in becoming a Weight Watchers PointsPlus member but need directions on where the meetings are taking place in your area try out the location finder on their website.  The location finder is easy to use and only requires you to input your zip code or city and state information and it will show you where all the nearest meetings are being held.

The location listings will show visitors the actual location name and address that the meetings are being held in areas near to your zip code.  You will also see a weekly calendar showing when the meetings are regularly held so you can to decide to attend.  To join the meeting you can actually register for your first meeting at a particular location by clicking the “Register or a meeting” button.

You can use the filter to the left to select a location that has a meeting that will accommodate with your schedule.  There are morning, afternoon, and evening meetings being held at various places that you can decide on.  The registration process includes entering some personal information such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and the option to receive Weight Watchers correspondence via mail.

If you are interested in signing up for Weight Watchers there are different pricing options to consider.  You don’t have to commit to any long term contracts but can select from the following deals:

  • Monthly Pass – $42.95 per month
  • 17 Week Pass – $11.41 per week
  • Pay As You Go – $13.00 per week

To learn more about where the meetings are in your local vicinity please click HERE.


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