Food 4 Patriots Emergency Survival Food Storage

Are you prepared if an unexpected disaster strikes?  Depending on where you live there is always the chance of an imminent weather disaster or some type of manmade crisis such as war that will threaten your day to day survival.  As a result of a potential emergency situation it is necessary to have a backup plan for what your family will eat if the normal food supply (grocery stores, fast food, etc.) has been cutoff.

Food 4 Patriots is a well-known company that sells customers pre-packaged kits of survival food.  The company sells kits in up to 3 month supplies that can be stored for up to 25 years and when needed will provide high quality meals for your family.  You will receive nutritious dehydrated food requiring only water to return each portion you receive back to its original state.

Depending on how much food you order your kits will arrive in totes that are designed to be stored away and stacked in a corner out of the way.  A 3 month kit comes in two totes which can easily be stacked and put away in a basement, garage, or storage room.

If you are interested in knowing the types of prepared meals available and their nutrition facts there is a downloadable PDF on the Food 4 Patriots website that specifically goes into detail about the ingredients and an allergen statement.  Every customer should take the time to review the list of meals offered and what their nutritional value is.

Currently Food 4 Patriots has available 3 different types of supply kits for customers to order.  There is a 72 hour supply with 16 servings for $27, 4 week supply with 140 servings for $197, and 3 month supply with 450 servings for $497.  Bonus reports are included with each order including options for free shipping and additional free items.



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