Geico Online Policyholder Service Center

Geico customers who have a policy with the company can take advantage of the online policyholder service center to handle most of their insurance needs.  It is a convenient platform that allows customers to access their Geico account and review their policies online.  The site is very user friendly making it easy for anyone to use while feeling confident they’ve taken care of their needs.

Like any other online account policyholders utilize a User ID and Password to access their account information.  For new Geico customers who have not begun using the online service setting up your own account is very simple.   You simply need to click the Activate Account link under the New Online User section of the website and follow the instructions.  It takes only a few minutes to get your account activated and accessible for you to begin using.

Perhaps the most common reason (but not only reason) customers use the online service center is to make their monthly payments and check their balance.   Monthly payments can be made from inside your account either once a month manually or by selecting the Enroll in Automatic Payments feature.  This feature allows your monthly payment to be paid automatically via bank draft or credit card.  This helps to ensure you don’t forget payment due dates and actually schedules a certain day of each month for your payment to be automatically made.

Most people enjoy the idea of logging in to the online service center to view their current policies.  You can make necessary changes to your policy such as editing coverage, adding a vehicle, replace a vehicle, adding a driver, remove a driver, file a claim, replace insurance cards, and more can be done yourself inside your account.

Instead of receiving a monthly statement from Geico customers can elect to sign up for paperless billing which will send your statements directly to your personal email account.  There are also options to send notifications to your mobile phones via text.  These are just a few features that are available to customers through the online service center.  There are a lot more incentives to this service which you can check out when you enroll.


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