Get 24/7 Southeastern Conference Sports Games

Coming August 14, 2014 the all-new SEC (Southeastern Conference) Network in collaboration with ESPN will launch for cable subscribers SEC fans.  The SEC is an elite conference in the world of college athletics and fans will have an opportunity to watch SEC content 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  With your subscription a lineup of 45 SEC football games, 100 men’s basketball games, 60 women’s basketball games, 75 baseball games, 50 softball games, and more will be broadcast on the network for the coming sports seasons.

Your first step in accessing the SEC Network is to see if your cable TV subscriber has an agreement to carry the network.  Not all carriers have added the network to their channel lineup but you can find out if your cable carrier has agreed to air the network.  To get started simply visit and enter your zip code and carrier.  You will then be informed if your carrier has added it to their lineup.

If your cable TV provider is has not been listed to air the SEC network you can then complete the online petition that will send your request to your cable TV provider suggesting they add the network to their channel lineup.  It takes everyone doing their part in this petition to coerce your cable provider to make the decision to add this network.

When the SEC Network starts subscribers will be able to enjoy top-tier matchups every week along with studio shows which are presently in development including SEC Nation with Joe Tessitore as host.  SEC Nation will be a traveling pregame show with stories and segments from SEC campuses before revving up for game day.  There is also scheduled a sports news program, The Paul Finebaum Show which is a 4 hour daily radio show  and feature presentations from ESPN Films.

Subscribers to the network will also have the capability to watch via their mobile devices including smart phones.



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