Get 5 Dr. Seuss & His Friends Books

Dr. Seuss books have been all-time classics for years and if you have kids you can share those same stories you enjoyed as a child with your kids today by joining the Dr. Seuss & His Friends Book Club.  Every month you can share the joy of reading with your child by receiving a new classical book in the mail that your kids will look forward to receiving.

Right now there is a great offer for new customers to receive 5 premium hard bound Dr. Seuss & His Friends books for just $5.95 when they sign up for the book club.  The offer comes with free shipping, a free activity book, and an upgrade offer for 3 bonus books that are marked down 50%.  The 5 starter books are the following titles:  The Tooth Book, Go, Dog Go, Ten Apples Up On Top, Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You?, The Cat in the Hat, and I’m not going to read any words today!

Customers who are not satisfied with their order after receiving it can return the books and receive a refund of their $5.95 initial cost.  If you enjoy the books and want to keep them then there is a fee of $4.95 per book that will be charged to your credit card and one new book per month will be shipped to your mailing address.

There is an addition to the membership club that customers can take advantage of which is preview privileges.  As regular member customers will be automatically enrolled in the Free Preview Program which is 4 times per year customers will 2 giant sized Dr. Seuss classics and will have the option to preview them for 7 days.  They will be for sale but you will have the option to preview them first then decide within 10 days if you want to keep them.



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