Get 50% Off NetZero Mobile Broadband Internet Plans

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to mobile broadband?  Are you also looking for a deal that does not require a 2 year contract?  If these two options are what you are focusing on for your mobile high speed internet needs then consider Netzero.

If you have Netzero broadband coverage in your area then you may be missing out on a sweet deal if you are not a Netzero customer.  They currently have a mobile broadband plan that starts out at $9.95 per month.  The beauty of being a Netzero customer is you are not forced to sign a contract.  They don’t offer contracts and as a result you will never be faced with overages.

For so many of us we love our mobile devices and having the ability to connect to the internet wherever we are is a great thing.  This makes carrying out iPad, netbook, Kindle, or other mobile device essential whenever we leave home to go out into the public.  There is no need to hunt down an open wifi connection when you have Netzero mobile broadband.

When you sign up for the service you can opt for a 4G hotspot that up to 8 mobile devices can utilize or a 4G USB modem stick to connect to the net.  It’s as simple as that.


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