Get $600 Silver Polar Bear Coins Free

Lear Capital has a timely offer for customers who are interested in investing in precious metals.  They are offering customers interested in investing in gold or silver over $600 worth of Silver Polar Bear coins for free.  This is a great time for anyone who desires to expand their investment portfolio into more than stocks and bonds but rather into metals.

To get started with this exclusive deal customers can visit Lear’s Silver Polar Bear website and complete the online form.  Once you complete the form your coins will be put on reserve status as you wait for a call back from a representative from Lear Capital.  There is also the option to call 1-800-609-4084 and speak directly with someone who can provide more details.  Customers also receive a free bonus gift which includes a free DVD along with ebook entitled “Vanishing Silver: The Demand Dilemma for the World’s Most Useful Metal.”

Customers who are new to investing in precious metals can ask for the Free Investor’s Kit which will includes 3 free issues of a newsletter, Precious Metals Guide, and information on retirement accounts.  Investors can learn more about Lear at their home website located at  There are a lot of rich informative articles and information about the state of the current stock market and how important precious metals are to anyone’s portfolio.


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