Get in Shape with Fast Fists Trainer

Get ready to get in the best shape of your life MMA style with Fast Fists Trainer.  This new training equipment is equipped with everything you’ll need to receive a high intensity workout that will get you the body you’ve always wanted.  It is a total body workout that incorporates cardio and teaches you how to strike with your arms and legs.

Fast Fists is your very own punching bag except it’s not a bag but a machine built to take your punches and punishment that will whip you into shape.  You will receive 4 minute circuit training drills that will exercise your body and sharpen your mind.  Before you actually begin the circuit drills you can take advantage of the on-board interactive trainer to instruct you on your workouts and monitor your workout progress.

Some of the types of training available to users are video training rounds using an Avatar that you will follow which is fun and challenging as you try to keep up.  Other types of training incorporated into the equipment are 3 different workout levels for (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), strike counts, mode for kids only, over 100 training videos available, customizable workouts, and more.  There are a variety of uses for this workout tool that getting bored with it will be very hard to do.

For customers curious about the durability of Fast Fists the equipment comes with a warranty including 1 year for mechanical/electronics parts, 3 years for wear parts, 7 years for the frame, and 1 year for upholstery.  To learn more about this product and how pricing works please click HERE.

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