Get Measured For The Perfect Bra

Finding the right sized bra to fit has always been a challenge for most women.  All bra’s aren’t made the same and don’t fit to satisfaction for every woman.  It has been said the 85% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra.  To help fix this problem Jockey has created the Jockey Bra.

They understand that measuring for the perfect bra doesn’t always equal a comfortable fit which is why the secret to the perfect fit is Volumetric Sizing.  It is a computer mapping system that has measured over 800 women breast shapes in 3D.  When you first consider ordering a Jockey bra you will be sent a Jockey Fit Kit.  It consists of 10 different Volumetric Fit Cups to help measure your breast shape and size.  You will then choose the cup that fits your breast as perfect as possible.  It should not have any spillage or gapping when you try the cup on.

Through this simple process you will learn what size bra will work best for you.  Afterwards you can order that particular size cup and start wearing bras that fit.  Customers receive a custom fit bra that takes all the guessing out and provides all the comfort you’ve always been looking for in the perfect bra.

So, the first step in the process is to order your free fit kit.  It will be sent to your home for you to measure yourself and then you can select the right Jockey bra for you.  To get your free kit please click HERE.



  1. diane oliver

    like to try the kit for measuring ur bra size with jockey bra

    1. Elizabeth Coffie

      Will like to get measured for a right size bra.

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