Get Pre-Qualified for a VISA Platinum Card

Are you interested in seeing if you can get approved for a credit card?  Why not get pre-qualified for a Credit One Bank VISA Platinum card?  The process is quick and easy only taking a minute to go through the online process.  There is also no need to worry about your credit score being affected by applying either because the online approval process does not report to the credit agencies.

To get started simply visit the Credit One Bank pre-qualified website and click the “Get Pre-Qualified Now” button.  You will then need to complete the online pre-qualification form which consists of entering your name, social security number, and address.  After you’ve finished entering your information and clicked “I Agree” then wait for a response from the site regarding your acceptance or not.

The VISA Platinum card is a good card for anyone looking to re-establish their credit and begin a rebuilding process.  It has a few perks that cardholders will enjoy such as the obvious Platinum status, 1% gas rewards feature, depending on your account status receive automatic credit line increases, receive free monthly credit score updates, and more.

The downside of the Platinum card is the annual fee of $35-$75 and an interest rate of 17.90% to 23.90%.  Other than these two factors the card will serve its purpose of assisting cardholders with improving their credit score and getting back on the right track.  To accept your new credit card and to see how much your credit limit is click HERE.



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