Get Shaun T’s Focus T25 Workout

If you are looking towards the New Year already and wanting to find the right workout program that you can stick with and get into great shape then look no further than Shaun T’s Focus T25 Workout.  Shaun T is not a stranger to most people who watch a lot of television.  He is best known for his Insanity workout DVD’s and Hip Hop Abs.  With his latest workout DVD’s Focus T25 he is specifically targeting people who don’t have hours to spend in a gym but who can invest at least 25 minutes a day into exercising.

He is meeting people at the door of the excuse “I don’t have time to work out” and showing them in this latest workout series that he can get them in the best shape of their lives if they can spare 25 minutes a day.  The claim is anyone who commits to the workouts will achieve the same results in 25 minutes that the average person does in 1 hour.

The program utilizes a workout strategy called FIT (Focus Interval Training).  It focuses on one muscle group at a time sequencing from move to move without any rest.  Nearly every muscle in your body is targeted allowing you to burn fat and begin sculpting a lean toned body.  The workout program only requires your commitment and over a few weeks you will begin to see results.

What comes with Focus T25?  Customers who purchase the program will receive 10 DVD’s which are broken into cycles, the Alpha and Beta cycles.  The Alpha Cycle comes with five 25 minute workouts which will help to build your foundation and the Beta Cycle likewise has five 25 minute workout DVD’s and is begun 5 weeks later.  There are 3 bonuses that are given additionally which are the Quick Start Guide, Get It Done Nutrition Plan, and the Alpha-Beta calendar.

Customers will receive a 30 day money back guarantee for ordering Focus T25along with a three month payment option which is $39.95 each month for three months.  If you are interested in starting the New Year off right then you know Shaun T already has the tools to get you in the best shape of your life so why not give him a try.


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