Get the Shark Steam and Spray Mop

The Shark Steam and Spray is an all-purpose cleaning tool that utilizes steam and a spray cleanser to sanitize your floors.  The combination of both elements in a cleaning tool deep cleans your hard surface floors and easily breaks up tough stains.  It’s an easy to use device that anyone will enjoy using as you simply glide it over your floor and watch it clean up your messes.

Most people are familiar with the Shark Steam Mop and how effective it is at using heat to clean and sanitize floors.  With the Steam Energized Cleanser feature added to the steam mop users can utilize the power of heat and a good cleanser to maximize cleaning power.  The cleanser is sprayed onto the floor from a lever on the mop and it starts breaking down stains so when the steam mop passes over the spot whatever stain that was there can easily be cleaned up.

Depending on your cleaning needs the Steam and Spray Mop gives users 3 different cleaning settings they can select from which are cordless spray only, just steam, or steam & spray.  For light cleaning the spray only setting is the perfect setting.  The spray only setting doesn’t require the steam mop to be plugged in but is instead battery operated.

Customers who are interested in sanitizing their floors and doing some medium cleaning can use the steam only setting.  When there needs to be deep cleaning done the steam & spray setting is the right setting to use to remove settled in grime.  There are also 2 types of pads to use with the mop which are disposable or washable pads.

Currently customers can take advantage of the monthly payment plan of 3 payments at $33 or 1 payment at $99.  You will receive the mop, 2 washable pads, three 20oz multi-floor cleansers, 22 foot removable cord, and 5 sanifiber disposable pads.  To learn more about the Shark Steam & Spray Mop click HERE.



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