Iyanla Vanzant’s Reality Show Fix My Life on OWN

One of the best shows on the Oprah Winfrey Network that helps real families with sometimes complex family issues is Fix My Life with Iyanla Vanzant as the featured life coach.  Fix My Life is a reality show where Iyanla is contacted by families all across America who seek out her help to fix their lives.  She travels to their home and spends time with them to hear what their problems are then she uses her expertise and wisdom to help start a healing process towards the goal of some sort of of family reconciliation.

For anyone who has watched a few episodes of the show it is a very deep show that has a tendency to reveal family and individual secrets which are the root many times to the problems that people are facing.  These secrets are obstacles in the way which Iyanla helps to uncover so the families she’s helping can learn how to deal with them and move forward.  The show is emotional and many times challenging even for Iyanla to help families who struggle with moving past guilt and unforgiveness.

To get an idea of what the show is like visitors can visit the show’s website at iyanlafixmylife.com where there are short video clips of past and present episodes.  You can watch as she allows family members to share with her all of the hurt and pain they’ve been experiencing in their dysfunctional family relationships.  She has a special and unique way of connecting with these people so they will feel comfortable sharing with her as she helps them fix their lives.

If you have conflict in your family and would like Iyanla to Fix Your Life then consider being on the show.  At the show’s website you will notice the Share Your Story section on the right side of the site.  You can click any of the links inside that box and it will direct you to an online form that you will need to complete.  The form requires your personal information including address, phone numbers, and a detailed write-up about your family crisis.


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