Join the NuWave Cooking Club and Learn New Recipes

Did you just recently purchase a NuWave Oven?  Would you like to maximize its use by learning new recipes and how to cook certain dishes?  All of the education you need to become a master NuWave Oven user can be obtained by joining the NuWave Cooking Club.  You will have access to lots of recipes shared from other NuWave Oven owners.  The recipes will cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

To begin accessing the site and to receive your logon information you will first need to register as a NuWave owner.  You will need to locate your product’s serial number which is located at the back of your oven near the power head.  It is a 12 digit number that begins with D, K, H, or N.  Once you’ve located this info you can now start the registration process including the serial number and create your login details.

If you want to take a test drive of the site you can try out the 7 day Guest Pass that allows you full access to the site without committing long term.  You can see if it meets your expectations before you completely join.  You will receive a Guest Pass and you’ll only need to include your name and email address.  Your temporary login credentials will be emailed to you.

Along with learning new recipes and sharing your own recipes the site is a one stop shop for customers who are looking for additional accessories to add to your NuWave.  There is an online catalog of accessories that can be purchased as well as replacement parts.  To take advantage of the recipes and great tips you can begin using for your for your NuWave Oven please click HERE and join the club.


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